Blindfolded nightmares of opened floodgates and disillusioned fates 

drowned in that spring of 48’

I am drenched 

in regret 

as I try to accept 

that I am no longer home

 that it is I 

who is unknown in this world  (more…)


The Child and Her Diary

The Child and Her Diary

 By: Laila Yaghi

She wrote in her diary every night

When bullets passed by her window… she wrote

When Israeli soldiers killed her mother she wrote

She wrote of the horrors she sees

And the nightmares of flames and destruction

She the Palestinian child

Writes in her diary every night

To ease her enormous pain

To sedate her fears and nightmares

That little Palestinian child

Had died while writing in bed

From Israelis bulldozing her home (more…)

A Poem for Gaza

A Poem for Gaza By Remi Kanazi

I never knew death until I saw the bombing of a refugee camp
Craters filled with disfigured ankles and splattered torsos
But no sign of a face, the only impression a fading scream
I never understood pain
Until a seven-year-old girl clutched my hand
Stared up at me with soft brown eyes, waiting for answers
But I didn’t have any
I had muted breath and dry pens in my back pocket
That couldn’t fill pages of understanding or resolution

In her other hand she held the key to her grandmother’s house
But I couldn’t unlock the cell that caged her older brothers
They said, we slingshot dreams so the other side will feel our father’s presence