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Once Upon a Time Palestinian Children Were Killed in a School Bus Crash..etc.. Praying For More.. etc..

Once upon a time there were ten cute kids aged between 4-6. Those kids woke up on Thursday Feb 16th, 2012 not knowing what God’s plan is for them. They were super excited to go to school which is never usual for kids of their age, but the school had set this date as a school picnic day. – No wonder, this explains their excitement! But again their excitement was not fulfilled on such a stormy and rainy morning that forced the bus driver to return back to school. One can think of how those kids were feeling when they knew that their excursion was cancelled and they were to go back to school. No one knew at that moment that the feeling of disappointment was going to be the kid’s eventual feeling before the sentiment of the agony of their innocent and guiltless souls leaving their fragile delicate bodies when a truck collided with school bus, causing it to slip and catch fire, resulting in the death of the ten children and leaving more than 30 people injured. The end of the story was No “ Happily Ever After”.

I am not writing this post to actually report what had happened because simply if any one was interested, he would simply go online and check whatever news he likes since what happened is still all over the internet. I am writing this post because I got sickened of myself since I, unfortunately, belong to this heartless category of living-things which happened to be called “ HUMAN”.

After reading the sad news about the accident, I was on my Facebook checking the News Feed till I was shocked with a picture many of my friends shared on their pages. Well, to make a long story short, here is the picture I am talking about:


Blood and death and murder and bus crashes and children dying and more children critically injured coming all in one free package labeled with “Palestinians” is what those people, whom I refuse to call humans, pray for to start a “good” weekend! “Pray for deaths or at least critically injured.” Reading this comment, I could not help it but wonder what kind of God they would actually address their prayers for? Is He a God that enjoys the blood of pure souls? Or is He a God that queries people to spread abhorrence and ruthlessness? I would really appreciate an answer that would satisfy my curiosity! I believe that prayers are the purest thing one can perform; they are the untainted soul transcending to its creator, but such people who would use the completest thing in life as a mean of cursing others can never be looked at as “humans”. If God were one who welcomes such brutal manners, then from here, I would like to announce myself as a misotheist, anti-theist, and a misanthropist- Yes, all of them in one package that would be fully filled with hatred, grudge, antipathy, and loathing.

The comments those Israelis had written left me disgusted to the extreme. I had that ugly groan drawn on my face moving from a comment to the other. I really wanted to see one of them leaving a comment that would look like   “ May God bless the souls of those children.” Or “ no innocent soul deserves a prayer of death.” Inopportunely, that seemed to be way far from human’s league. No one with a heart that beats for love and peace would wish for more blood to make their weekend or day unless they are desensitized.

Honestly speaking, I was really sickened with the Israeli’s comments; however, I was not even a bit startled. Simply, I expect a lot of Israelis to react in this way just like I expect a lot of Palestinians to react in the same exact way if the bus were full of Israeli kids, even though Islam as a religion has absolutely no relation with such an attitude since it actually forbids militant to murder elderlies, women, and children. It was ironically funny seeing some Palestinians commenting back on the picture where it shows how the Israelis reacted to the news of the bus crash. The reason I thought it was weirdly funny is because some were saying, “ Damn them. Hope that would happen to their kids if that is what they want for our kids.” Then I remembered how many times I heard Muslims praying for the destruction of America and Israel in the Masjids (Mosques) and how many of those who claim being religious despise others of different religions and would also love to see Israeli kids dead. How many of my friends and people I know would be also celebrating the news if the bus were full of Israeli kids.  For some reason Mahatma Gandhi’s words popped up in my mind “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. I so think that this is exactly what is happening now with people all over the world and especially once it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. There is no possible way to compare the casualties between both Palestinians and Israelis since the number of those murdered or injured by Palestinians is nothing compared to those on the Palestinian side, but again that is not the point. One or thousands, no one has the right to end the life of an armless civilian no matter what his religion, color, nationality, and beliefs are. We are NO GOD to terminate the dreams of any human that is breathing. If suicide is considered to be a crime in most religions, then, with no doubts, killing others is even a worse crime. Suicide is Haram, banned, outlawed, taboo, and a NO NO while it is one’s decision to kill him/herself so what should be said about one’s decision to kill others?? If no one has the right to end his own life, then how in the world would any of us have the right to end other’s lives?  How in the world do we suppose that God would accept a prayer of killing and spreading hatred and blood? How in the world is God supposed to like bloodshed? How in the world do those merciless people come to call themselves religious? What God do they actually pray for? One thing I am so damn sure of is that all religions are to make us better people and no religion would allow this much of hatred or any of this hatred in the first place.

I am left with nothing to say but a pure prayer to God to replace all of this hatred and war with love and peace so we can all live as one people under one sky no matter how many religions, races, and colors we are. I am only left with a prayer to the one who created the entire humanity to send us a cure to end the contagious desensitization we are all suffering. Maybe, just maybe, we can go back to being humans once again.  Amen.