The first step towards a free Palestine is a unitied Palestine, indeed.

By: Hala Alsafadi

After I was done with my classes for today, I went to Remal with a friend. There, I ran into one of my friends who actually told me that they had organized a university students’ demonstration today calling for the end of the division. I told her how my parents do not want me to participate in the demonstration tomorrow, for they think it is really dodgy. However, she actually told me to do all I can to be there saying “ Hala, you must be there.”

Well, yeah! I so want to be there and I have to come up with a scenario that would allow me to be among the Palestinians who are calling for the end of the division tomorrow. I gave it a little thought and then I knew my plan. I am going to tell my family that I have to go to AMIDEAST to finish up some work tomorrow ( luckily enough, AMIDEAST is in Al Remal Area where the demonstration is going to take place tomorrow). I really do not like to lie to my parents, but I love to consider it a white lie since I would be very mad if I don’t join the demonstration.

So I got back home. I went directly to my mom’s room in hope to persuade her that it will not be that dangerous tomorrow since the Students’ Council in The Islamic University ( The school I go to) is going to be there. With that fake smile I had to put on, I was trying to convince her not to worry about me and that everything is going to be fine tomorrow. Nevertheless, she is a mom after all and she can easily figure out that I was lying. Well, I couldn’t help it but tell her that YES, I want to go and you should not be telling me not to go. Unfortunately, that did make her mad and she actually informed me that my dad is to pick me up as soon as I finish my classes tomorrow. No work + No university after 11 = No way I can go tomorrow. 😦

I left to my room to sleep and try to come up with an excuse that would make my family give me the bright green light. I think that was too hard that I just fell asleep losing hope in stepping outside the house tomorrow.

Once I woke up, I went on Skype to talk to my friend. While we were having a real talk, my mom came to my room asking me if I want to go with her to Al Jundi Square since people had already started demonstrating. Unquestionably, I just felt like my mom wants to see my reaction. I asked her if she was just picking on me, but then my dad told me that if I want to go, I can go! Upon hearing his words, I was beyond happy. I couldn’t believe that they are okey with it now. It felt like I have already won a revolution! I got ready in less than five minutes and I was good to go. I went along with my mother and younger brother who also had stars in his eyes.

As soon as I stepped out of the car and while walking to Al Jundi Square, I felt so proud of being a Palestinian. Songs calling for the end of the division were played very loudly. I looked at the flags people were raising up high, and I could not help it but feel as though I were over the moon, for I couldn’t see one green, yellow, or red flag no more. They were all holding the Palestinian flags regardless the party they belonged to. For the first time in a very long time, people did not seem to care if the person next to them is pro-Hamas, pro-Fateh, or even party-less. Looking at the people did make me so glad that I felt like saying thank you for every single person who was there at that late time at night. Those people who could not wait till the assigned day , March 15th, to demand the end of the division – those people who are now spending the night at Al Jundi Square counting the hours till they witness the big day.

Even though the demonstration was not well-organized, but one can feel that the leaders are trying their best to put it in order. They were trying to give information and set the rules of the big day tomorrow. Hearing that loud voice from a distance, a man was calling for showing unity by not holding any flag other than the Palestinian flag. He said “ Even if we belong to a specific party, let us leave it behind us tonight. We are here as Palestinians and only Palestinians.”  

As I was leaving, I looked back at Al Jundi Square with delight. All I could see were the flags of Palestine raised very high in the far sky; all I could hear were angry Palestinians shouting right out loud“ End The Division”; all I could feel was the pride of being a Palestinian.

I hope tomorrow is going to be the day we have been waiting for since June 2007 since Palestinians do really want to draw an end for the division. We are fed up with it and we want it to end. That’s is why we are demonstrating tomorrow. The first step towards a free Palestine is a unitied Palestine, indeed.


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