Do Not Snooze The Alarm Anymore.

By: Hala Alsafadi

The alarm is ringing! Don’t you snooze it!! No one wants to sleep no more!! We have got enough sleeping in the past three decades.

Egyptians RevolutionHow could anyone with honor be against the revolution of dignity? How could anyone convince himself that what is going on right now in Egypt will cause nothing but more corruption? Is there more corruption than what has been happening under Mubarak regime? You gotta be kidding me! Those people would lose the most precious thing one has if they keep silent, their self-respect.

 Thirty years full of totalitarianism, dictatorship, and oppression that led Egyptians to poverty and death. Years and years loaded with nepotism and simony. Egypt ,The Mother of The World, has stabbed in the back her sons and daughters. Poverty lives in every street of Egypt and feeds on poor Egyptians’ blood. Over one-forth of the 80 million Egyptians are unemployed and live on $2 each day, $2 barely get you a can of coke and a bar of chocolate in the States. It is about time people dare to stand up for their own rights against those who expect obedience and order them to sit the hell down; Those people are clearly a dirty joke!

Looking into the Egyptians’ eyes, make one feel the amount of rage they embrace. Witnessing their rage makes us realize how much they have been suffering and withholding. We all were able to observe the reality behind the scenes; however, it was too hard for Hosni Mubarak, the president of Egypt, to observe such thing.  People demands for a free life are extremely levelheaded, but there is something Mubarak does not really want to understand. He can not comprehend that people are fed up with him. Youth wants a change he can not offer. Just like many of the Middle Eastern presidents, if not all of them, his life means his presidential chair! Losing his position is an equivalent for dying. He holds the motto “I am still alive, consequently, I am still the president.” Nothing but death will tear him apart from being the president. In proportion to him, he even wanted his son to be the president after his death.  Egypt has been under his rule for about thirty years, an adequate amount of years for Mubarak to make changes and improve his “beloved” country. Nonetheless, the changes Mubarak has accomplished unquestionably were in USA and Israeli Governments best interest, not his peoples’. That does explain what makes them so worried about losing their “best buddy” in the Middle East.


Not only his people, but also the Palestinians were harmed by Mubarak. He reinforced the siege imposed on Gaza while Gazans were in desperate need for food, medical treatment, and freedom. Many Gazans died on the border in ambulances because of the closure of the border between Gaza and Egypt since 2007. Many Palestinian students couldn’t complete their education abroad due to the closure. Not till the entire world stood up against the siege imposed on Gaza, after what had happened to the Freedom Flotilla in June 2010. Not to mention the fact that Egypt is the second biggest ally to the USA after Israel in the Middle East.

Enough is Enough. Egyptians have had enough drama throughout their lives. Revolution alarm is ringing, let us not snooze it anymore. They have to finish what they have started since 25 January 2011. It is the people who have to decide for themselves, not Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. All what Obama and Clinton have to do right now is to back off and mind their own business. I don’t think any Arab  Leader has ever interfered in the American and Israeli matters; why would we allow them to meddle in ours?

If no one was able to draw a change in the past three decades, we indisputably can. Better late than nothing!

I wish the alarm will never be snoozed once again.

I desire the alarm would ring all over the Middle East.


God Bless Revolution!

God Bless Revolutionists!



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  1. ahmed

    i loved this article!

    February 2, 2011 at 1:38 am

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