Murdered Love

By: Hala Alsafadi

One of the hardest plots of life is losing someone you love. Once love bonds unite you, it would be really hard to break those chains. When life tears people apart, some enjoy, some suffer, some expect the worst, some decide to work it out, some think about it, some cry their eyes out, and simply some just don’t know what to do.

 This is the story of life that we, as humans, are forced to deal with. We might lose people we love due to a break up, divorce, problems, or death. I got to admit that all those tragic falls are quite hard, however, death would get all sympathy votes. Going through a break up or a divorce full of problems and leaving behind people you once had lived with and shared with your feelings and thoughts is not fun at all. Nevertheless, such things mostly occur due to an excessive amount of problems which draw an end as a best solution; sooner or later, your life goes on.

 What about death? Your life would go on after the death of someone you love as well, don’t we all agree on that? It is life after all. No one dies because someone else died! Yes, I second. But, death differs. Death is the one thing that can never be cured. Last time I checked, no one has found a solution to end up death.

 When you love someone so bad, when you are ready to give up your life for him, when you will do anything to see him smile, when his tear breaks your heart into million shattered pieces that can never be glued again, when you had enjoyed every second you shared with him, when your horrific times are even a blessing, when you had promised to live together a happy life and never ever let go of each other no matter what, when picturing your life without him is not even logical, death judges and tears you apart. This is the hardest spot you could ever step in throughout your life. Not seeing this person anymore, being afraid of forgetting the way he looks like, forgetting how he smells, how he laughs, how he says his jokes, how he would sit right there and listen to you over and over again, those ideas just kill the little human we have inside. After all, we are all aware of the fact that this is his destiny and it is out of our league.

 I am not really talking about Romeo & Juliet, nor about some love plots. I am just trying to scratch that surface we all have in order to get to the real person inside each of us. Not the person who thinks deeply, rather the one who feels deeply. I know that all humans, no matter what their color, religion, belief, or nationality is, can comprehend the language of love.

At this instant imagine yourself, God Forbids, losing the ones you love? No, it is not a break up, not a divorce either. Death? Yeah, it is death. Not a typical death though. Imagine your loved ones are being killed in front of your eyes whilst you can do nothing to help them. This is what I meant when I said “ death differs”.

 As Palestinians, many of us have been going through such moments. They are not just imagining like you just did, actually they lived that moment. That moment when the souls of their loved ones had to raise up to a better place full of justice. That moment which lasted years and years while they got frozen because of the cold-hearted Israeli soldiers who killed their loved ones in cold blood.

 I need not mention the amount of people Israel froze; you can simply Google that. But I assure you, that what is happening behind the scenes in Palestine and Gaza, particularly, is heartbreaking. Thousands of mothers had to see their little children being killed in front of their eyes in their own houses when Israeli Terrorist Forces attacked their homes . Many of them had to wash off the blood of their children that covered the floor with cold red blood just like the way snow covers the land with cold white snowflakes.

 Many fathers were forced to see their daughters and wives get raped in front of their eyes and in case they think of doing anything other than watching, a bullet would cross their broken hearts. Those fathers who were chained while hearing their daughters shouting for help. Think about what a dad was thinking about in such a situation! Think about how that girl was feeling at that moment?

How would it feel when the next thing you heard after kissing and hugging your husband before he went to work was that he was killed by an Israeli attack? How would it feel like when the next thing you heard after packing your children’s lunchbox for school and kissing them before they went to wait for the school bus was that your kids along with other students were killed while going back home after school because of an Israeli bombing?

 This is the kind of love that suffers the most due to death. It hurts so much to be disabled to do anything while you are losing the ones you love. Being surrounded by Israeli soldiers in the middle of your own house in your Palestine, paralyzes fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, families, and lovers. With a gun aimed right at your heart, you can do nothing. Even though you would wish to be dead or killed instead of seeing such moments passing in front of your eyes. Many people tried not to stand motionless, they preferred to be killed in preference to storing those moments as memories for the rest of their lives. They were killed for their beloved’s sake leaving scars in their hearts.

 One story I will never forget is the one I was told two years ago during the last war on Gaza. Israeli soldiers invaded Gaza and broke into many apartments and houses which were full of innocent people including elders, women, and children. In one of the houses they invaded, one of the Israeli soldiers felt like “having fun” with that family. Being a little bit more “funny”, the Israeli soldier wanted to shoot one of the children, therefore, he asked the father to pick one of his four children to be shot. The father definitely asked the soldier to kill him instead, but the soldier insisted that the father must pick one or all of them will be shot to death. With a great deal of pain, the father had to make a choice and so he did choose one of the children to be shot. He asked for his son’s forgiveness while saying his name. However, as soon as the Israeli soldier got the father’s choice, he shot all the children except for the one the father chose!!! He wanted them to live in misery. This child would always wonder why his dad sacrificed him for his siblings’ sake while his father will have to live with that moment till the end of his life.

 If you think that your heart is broken because you were dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you got divorced, or you lost your loved ones because of illness.. take a look on what is happening behind the scenes in Gaza, and then you will thank God you are not in those peoples’ shoes.

 This tragedy should come to an end. Enough of those romance movies that break people’s heart because a couple break up for some retarded reason. Look around you in the real world we are a part of and try to weep for all the murdered love.

A father’s love,

 a mother’s love,

 a husband’s passion,

 a wife’s passion,

 a family care,

a friend’s care,

 and millions of innocent humas’ souls



6 responses

  1. Khaled

    amazing… i loved how you drew my attention in the beginning and then helped me compare the normal boyfriend girlfriend love to the real love that is murdered in Gaza everyday. keep on writing, you are a natural. i will sure do my best in writing my peice and publish it here if you may.

    February 2, 2011 at 12:16 am

  2. Kary

    love it! amazing honey and very sensitive ! u should continue writing!

    February 2, 2011 at 7:27 pm

  3. amazing hala, u remainded me of a movie called” time to kill”, im sure u’ve seen it. it’s an amazing movie which tells the story of a black child who has been raped by 2 white-youngmen. the lawyer asked everyone in the court to close their eyes and he then descriped the rapping process, and n u can imagine how awful it was , n at the end he said imagine that this girl was white n it’s ur baby,the way u write is so touching, the story at the end is so heart-breaking. it’s so tough that i cant even imagine

    February 2, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    • well, thanks so much bl awal for giving it time o reading it 🙂

      la walah i ddint watch that movie, but il make sure to watch it. it sounds interesting!

      thanks again 🙂

      February 2, 2011 at 10:57 pm

  4. Sarah Ali

    So touching, so true!

    I guess I was not surprised to read the story you told at the end; typical cold-blooded Israeli bastards!

    Anyway, keep writing. You are doing a great job by showing what is really going on in here.
    I am following up 😉

    February 4, 2011 at 5:30 pm

  5. haytham

    Amazing man ur so good keep it up!

    February 4, 2011 at 6:06 pm

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